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For Investors, Savile's Investment Program is designed to generate low volatility, non-correlated, absolute returns over fluctuating market cycles.  Since its inception in 2005, Savile has protected investor capital and generated positive annual returns throughout its operating history.  During the very challenging 2008 and 2009 years, the strategy proved itself under the most difficult market conditions observed in decades with positive returns in both of these years.


In the current environment, where investors are finding that traditional fixed income investments are failing to play their historical role of delivering safety and moderate income, Savile’s senior secured loan portfolio offers a measure of protection against volatility of the capital markets.

The principals have extensive relationships with Investment Banks, Business Brokers and Professional Firms all of which facilitates and enhances deal flow and successful transactions.


Our origination relationships are typically organizations we have known in excess of 10 years.  This network allows Savile to expand its geographic reach well beyond internal resources, while continuing to be selective in sourcing and financing transactions.





Savile works with companies that have a good operating track-record, positive cash flow and a strong competitive position in its sector. Savile takes into consideration customer concentration, performance during recessions, competitive environment and ability to sustain margins.  Savile seeks senior management that is experienced and properly incentivized and heavily invested in the long-term success of the enterprise.





Savile is active in select markets in the Americas.  Specific focus is on companies based in USA and Latin America active in cross-border trade across the region. Borrowers come to Savile through an extensive network of relationships.  These include deal referral source such as commercial finance companies, private equity investors, attorneys, and investment banking firms.

Savile only operates in jurisdictions where it has experiences in perfecting security interest and tested collateral enforcement mechanisms.

Savile’s credit platform is the core of the organization with most of the staff dedicated to credit and risk control. Savile has developed a proprietary quantitative credit model that rates each facility by giving a weighting to the Client, Account Debtors, Credit Insurance, and the Administrative Agent associated with each facility.

Savile closely monitors positions in its portfolio. As part of its oversight function, Savile performs periodic field examinations to validate the accuracy of borrower reporting, substantiate accounts receivable and inventory values, and confirm collateral eligibility. It is common for Savile, as part of its services, to take over account receivable function and control the cash of its borrowers.

Generally SFG’s loans are senior secured collateralized with the most liquid assets of a companies balance sheet.  Eligible collateral must be convertible into cash within a year.  Primary assets are accounts receivables and inventory.

Savile, when available and practical, will use credit insurance products to control the payment risk of the portfolio.

Savile’s organizational focus is risk control and capital preservation.

Underlying this approach are a number of methodologies:

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